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CH Kaparla On A Mission

Sire: CH Giltedge Blackwatch
Dam: Chaleur Waering Prada
Whelped: 28/03/2010

Clear Eyes and Heart     Hips: 2/1     Elbows: 0/1



Golden Retriever Club of NSW Championship Show September 2012
Judge - Jo Naylor (Frankby Kennels UK)
Result - 2nd Place Intermediate Bitch
Critique - Very feminine bitch in pretty mid-gold coat. Very appealing, with kind expression. Lovely clean outline with good bone and substance and neat feet. well balanced angulation, with excellent top line and tail set. Moved accurately, handled to advantage.
Golden Retriever Club of South Australia Championship Show August 2010
Judge - Mrs Lyn Strudwick (Burpham Kennels UK)
Result - 2nd Place Baby Bitch
Critique - Another lovely youngster, finer than 1st but with all the essentials,excells in neck and shoulder placement, dead level topline, adequate turn of stifle, just needs her clothes on to complete the picture, moved steady and true.
Golden Retriever Club of NSW Championship Show September 2010
Judge - Mrs Sue Swift (New Zealand )
Result - 2nd Place Baby Puppy Bitch
Critique - Another nice baby with nice straight front and good shoulder and rear angulation. She also moved well.
Golden Retriever Club of NSW Championship Show May 2011
Judge - Mr P Stevenson Tweedwater Kennels (Tasmania)
Result - 3rd Place Junior Bitch
Critique - Moderate angulation and good topline holding together well on the move. Lacked the maturity of the first two.



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 CH Giltedge Blackwatch


 CH Standfast Dream Ticket From Kerrrien
ENG SH CH Crowood Butch Cassidy (UK)
Darrochonna Tzarni of Standfast (UK)
Yellowfetch Pixie Dust C.C.D CH Giltedge Hemingway
Yellowfetch Yippee


 Chaleur Wearing Prada

Dewmist Silversong (IMP SWE) Erinderry Gaelic Minstrel (UK)
SWD CH Dewmist Silveretta (SWE)
GR CH Chaleur Unforgetable GR CH Chaleur Acclaim To Fame
CH Kaparla Loche Isle




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