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At Standndeliva we have just one goal in mind, that our puppies go to the best homes possible. ALL family members need to be happy with the decision to bring a puppy into the home. After all it is a committment that lasts as long as 15 years.
The Golden Retriever is very intelligent and easy to train if you put the work in. A bored puppy can become destructive, so be sure about the time you have to before you take on the responsibility.
Our puppies are brought up in a family environment with kids and other dogs. We ensure that they have been exposed to all kinds of noises such as the vacuum and the lawn mower so they are already used to strange household things.
For enquiries please feel free to call.  
Pile of Puppies
Tilly with her first litter
At the milk bar
The pile has grown
I'm getting sick of that thing in my face
What are you lookin at?



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